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Services & Packages

Dexter's Mobile RV Service is able to offer services on the following types of RVs: Class A, B, and C; Travel Trailers; 5th Wheels; & Horse Trailers with living quarters

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General Maintenance & Repair

Upgrades & Installations

  • Toilets

  • Faucets

  • Roller Shades

    • MCD Authorized Dealer​


  • Lighting

  • 110/12 Volt Systems

  • Tow Wiring

  • Batteries


  • Water Pumps

  • Faucets

  • Filters

  • Tank Valves

  • Toilet Repair/Replacement


  • Suburban

  • Atwood

  • Coleman/RVP/Airxcel

  • Dometic


  • Skylights

  • Vents

  • Fans

  • Covers/Lids

  • Seam Resealing

LP Systems

  • Leak/Pressure Checks

  • Hoses

  • Regulators

  • Fittings


  • Slide Repairs

  • Seal Repairs/Replacement

  • Slide Maintenance


  • Carefree

  • Dometic

  • Mechanical & Electrical


  • Landing Gear

  • Levelers

Preventative Maintenance

  • Roof A/C Servicing

  • Seal Lubrication

  • LP Burner Service

    • Furnace/Fridge/Water Heater​

Services & Packages: List

Maintenance Packages

Take the guess work out of maintaining your RV



The Winterize package helps get your RV ready for those cold, winter months.

Price is non-inclusive to supplies/materials needed.



The De-winterize package gets your RV ready for those hot summer months.

Price is non-inclusive to supplies/materials needed.

Winterize Plus


Our standard Winterize package plus icemaker, dishwasher, & washer

Price is non-inclusive to supplies/materials needed.

De-winterize Plus


Our standard De-winterize package plus icemaker, dishwasher, & washer

Price is non-inclusive to supplies/materials needed.

Air Conditioning

$75 per unit

Our standard Air Conditioning package includes regular cleaning and maintenance.

Price is non-inclusive to supplies/materials needed.

Services & Packages: List

RV Consultations

Non-bias & informative advice

We offer this service as we do not see many sales people discovering what YOU need as a potential RV owner. As a veteran RV owner who has seen many new owners not enjoying their RV, we offer this service to share the joys of owning an RV. We want you to be happy and make a personal, well-informed decision.

Disclaimer: We will not give advice on who to purchase from or what brand to purchase, that is up to you.



Are you a potential new RV owner? Are you an experienced RV owner looking to upgrade? Not quite sure where to start? We are happy to go on your search with you and give you advice based on what will suit your lifestyle & abilities best. What will it take to maintain your RV, what type of vehicle will you need to tow, toy-hauler or travel trailer? We are here to answer all of your questions on your search.

Price is inclusive of the standard 50 mile radius. If we meet outside of this radius, the standard $1/mile may apply.

Please note that this service is not an inspection, walk through, OR orientation nor should it be used in place of those.

Services & Packages: List

We are not able to offer the following services

  • Body Work

  • Chassis Work

  • Engine & Transmission Oil Changes

  • Suspensions

  • Class A, B, C Tire & Brake

Services & Packages: Text
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